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Patrick J. Murphy Home Page

Short Fiction Published

"Estuarial," Sequoia, Winter 1985
"Starting Over," F.O.C. Review, Fall 1989
"Separate Quarters," Barefoot Review, Winter 1989
"Crossings," Crazyquilt Literary Quarterly, June 1990
"Cupboards," West Branch, Fall 1990
"Zum Alten Reh," Louisiana Literature, Spring 1991
"Volunteer Fires," Santa Clara Review, Spring 1991
"That Would Be Telling," Arnazella, Spring 1991
"Corners," Nexus, Spring 1991
"Enfilade Fire," Sonoma Mandala, Fall 1991
"Preservations of the Moon," New Orleans Review, Winter 1991
"Tiger," The Gamut, Winter 1992
"The Glass Harmonica," Cream City Review, Spring 1992
"Cubing the Course," Buffalo Spree Magazine, Spring 1992
"Unreliable Connection," Kiosk, Spring 1992
"The Troupe," Small Pond Magazine, Spring 1992
"The Petite Blonde and the Mail Order Man," Sycamore Review, Winter 1993
"Escritoire," Art Times, June 1993
"Weird Sleep," Oxalis, Summer 1993
"Delta Rain," The Tampa Review, Fall 1993
"The Stretch of Beach, the Empty Wind, and the Sea," descant, Winter 1993
"Right of Way," Crucible, Fall 1994
"Brothers," Willow Review, Spring 1995
"Try What Depth the Center Draws," Southeast Review, Fall 1995
"Lowlands," Westview, Winter 1995
"Behemoth," Georgetown Review, Winter 1996
"This and Now," Soundings East, Winter 1996
"Not Everything in Ruins," Wisconsin Review, Summer 1997
"Mountain Air," Licking River Review, Spring 1997
"Deluge," Eureka Literary Magazine, Fall 1997
"The Flower's Noiseless Hunger, the Tree's Clandestine Tide," Buffalo Spree Magazine, March 1998
"Edison and the Electric Chair," Mobius, Spring 1998
"Aspirin," Limestone, May 1999
"Robbie's Day," Hawaii Review, Spring 2000
"The Garden," Talking River Review, Winter 2000
"Edison and the Panama Exposition," Confontation, Spring 2001
"Simply Too Early," Fiction, November 2001
"Catching Up," Greensboro Review, Spring 2002
"Last Act," Other Voices, Spring 2003
"Night Fishing," Tampa Review, December 2003
"Port and Starboard Liberty," South Carolina Review, Fall 2004
"Cold Front," Sou'wester, Fall 2004
"Watchers, GW Review, Fall 2006
"The Party," New England Review, Spring 2008
"Extended Care, New England Review, Spring 2009
"The Setting Sun, and Music at the Close", Oxford Magazine, Summer 2016
"Drowned", Hawaii Pacific Review, October 2017
"Moorings", Chattahoochee Review, Fall 2017
"Bicycles", Tampa Review, March 2018
"Eating Chinese", Notre Dame Review, Fall 2018
"Inseparable", North American Review, Spring 2019

"There's Something I've Got to Tell You", Ascent Literary Magazine, September 2020

"Impulse Control", Delmarva Review, November 2020

"Impulse Control", TalbotSpy.org, Spy Community Media, November 2020

"Impulse Control", ChestertownSpy.org, Spy Communiity Media, November 2020

"The Terms of the Agreement", New Ohio Review, December 2020

"This Bank and Shoal of Time", Passager Journal, Winter 2022

"This Bank and Shoal of Time," Passager Journal Podcast, Winter 2022

"The Dying of the Light," descant, Vol. 61, 2022

"Sinkhole," Saw Palm, Spring 2022, Vol. 17

"That Kind of Blue," North American Review, November 2023



Short Fiction in Anthologies

"The Flower's Noiseless Hunger, the Tree's Clandestine Tide," 100% Pure Florida Fiction, University Press of Florida, Mar. 2000



Book Length Fiction Published

Way Below E, White Pine Press, January 1995


A collection consisting of two novellas ("Way Below E" and "Heading Towards Zero") and nine short stories previously appearing in literary journals throughout the country. Nominated for the PEN West Award, the Ernest Hemingway Award, and the American Book Awards.



Poems Published

 My Daughter," Chattahoochee Review, Fall 99
"Overseas," Texas Review, Summer 02




Blogs and Nonfiction

"Write What You Know", California Writers Club, October 1994

The Making of "Inseparable", North American Review, May 2019

The Backstory on "There's Something I've Got to Tell You," Ascent Literary Review, Sept. 2020

Book Review of Becky Hagenston's The Age of Discovery and Other Stories for The Southern Literary Journal, August 2023



Willow Review Prize, Spring 1995

Greensboro Review Literary Award, Spring 2002

New England Review Literary Award, Spring 2009

Gary Wilson Short Fiction Award, descant, vol. 61, 2022


Brief Biography

I've worked as the lead Electronic Technician aboard the U.S.S. Alacrity, an ocean-going minesweeper (USN), as an intern pastor for the Presbyterian Church, for two years as a theological student at the state university in Heidelberg Germany, as an adjunct professor for the University of Texas and Florida State University teaching English, as an electronics engineer in charge of the NASA Standards Laboratory at the Ames Research Center and as a forensic toxicologist for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. I am currently a fulltime writer.


Member of the Following Organizations::

PEN America
The Authors Guild
Association of Writers & Writing Programs

Tallahassee Writers Association



A.S. in Journalism, Miami-Dade Junior College, Miami, FL

B.S. in General Studies, Portland State University, Portland, OR

M.Div. in Systematic Theology, San Francisco Theological Seminary, San Anselmo, CA

M.A. in English, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

Ph.D. in English (Creative Writing Track), Florida State University, Tallahassee, Fl

M.S. in Forensic Toxicology, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

M.S. in Forensic Science, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL